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Nigerian Women Against Violence (NWAV

Violence in the form of domestic abuse or terrorism are all isolating-experiences that many women living in Northeastern Nigeria suffer from. These unfortunate experiences all too often result in the loss of self-esteem, confidence, and identity. Many of these women are also shunned by society and exiled from their communities.


Nigerian Women Against Violence is a non-profit organization that was founded in Southern California to assist these women. NWAV works with the survivors to help them rebuild their lives. They do this by providing temporary shelter, food, clothing, medication, counseling, and education for affected women and children. 

Mercymie Natural strongly supports the empowerment of ALL women. We also believe that the work NWAV does is vital in helping to effect the change necessary in the lives of these vulnerable women. For our part, we have created NWAV Collections. 100% of the proceeds from NWAV Collections purchases will go to support both the organization and the women in their entrepreneurial pursuits to self-reliance and independence.


The best part about all is is that all the clothing sold here were designed and sewn by these incredible survivors!

Learn more about NWAV by clicking on the powerpoint document below!


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